The world is changing. Employees are more mobile, working from home, or changing companies more frequently. This new paradigm of work means that companies are losing their best and most critical knowledge — especially strategic knowledge of their in house experts — far too often.

Poor knowledge management contributes to several common IT pain points that increase overhead and reduce employee productivity. Every pain point ultimately affects the company’s bottom line: wasted hours, increased overhead, and opportunity cost.

how to get precise NLP
how to get precise NLP

If you don’t know the story of the parameter wars it’s been quite a lot of madness. It started at Google with the BERT model. Ok it probably started with earlier pre-BERT models but BERT was the breakthrough model. It was a model that had been pre-trained with a gazillion (aka a lot!) hours of compute time to code its 125 million parameters. At the time we thought that was madness.

My team had been working on NLP and we tried to use BERT, which did several things, for search. It didn’t really go so well and in the end…

Noonean has joined the fight along with Google and AllenNLP to produce a research tool for Covid-19 scientists.

“Our EnterpriseNLP was designed specifically for this, a high precision enterprise scale natural language query that shows you exact answers. We outscore BERT and tensor solutions. At Noonean, we are committed to this fight and hope to stage our live solution shortly. It will be available on the website” said Gianna Giavelli, founder of Noonean.

The effort will combine the recently released COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), a repository of more than 29,000 scholarly articles on the coronavirus family from around…

Gianna Giavelli

Gianna is the president of a company that produces advanced search and knowledge management tools for the enterprise.

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